How is a microcurrent treatment carried out?

clarisonic logoagera logoMicrocurrent is delivered as part of a facial beginning with a thorough cleanse using a Clarisonic brush. AGERA® Rx Medical Formula skin care is used.

A thin layer of microcurrent gel is applied to the face and then two sets of probes with fresh wet cotton-tipped ends are used to stretch or tighten the muscles. You may feel the tugging and pulling from these actions and will soon grow used to them. You may end up sleeping and feeling incredibly relaxed! Each area is worked over several times. You might feel a small sensation from the current but likely only around the upper lip when it could be like a tingling. You may sometimes have an interesting flashing when working around the eyes although these have never yet been migraine-inducing. If you have metal fillings you may taste the metal in your mouth when working on the outside of your cheeks!

Typically each treatment session lasts 30 to 45 minutes and then from the eighth session when we can begin the neck work, it will take 40 to 55 minutes. The gel is then removed and you are cleansed and moisturised.

For the first treatment allow up to one and half hour for the consultation and photographs before and after. Photographs are taken again at the end of the course of treatments for comparison. Photos will never be used without your consent.