Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it hurt?
  2. Is it the same as a CACI facial?
  3. Is it safe?

Caroline will attempt to answer more questions in due course.


Does it hurt?

No. It sometimes tingles in places on some occasions and sometimes more than others. On the whole it is comfortable to quite relaxing and some clients sleep through and awake relaxed.


Is it the same as a CACI facial?

CACI is a respected brand name who are, I suspect, hoping to have their name as generic for the treatment just as hoover is generic for a vacuum cleaner, or the action of cleaning the floor. CACI have their own protocols sometimes including microdermabrasion, sometimes blue light, and they have their own branded machine. Microcurrent is the main thing and microcurrent is what I do along with my own protocols. As well as having a decent machine, the essential thing I feel is the operator who has to really appreciate what they are doing, why and how.


Is it safe?

Yes in terms of the current being used. It is the tiniest current, hence the name microcurrent. The current is significantly less than a typical small battery. Unlike other electrical procedures there is no undue tingling if one probe is lifted off the skin. However, it is possible that if you suffer from epilepsy then the tiny electrical impulse could trigger a seizure and so we would avoid treatment without reference to your GP. There are a few other restrictions due to medical conditions which is why have a comprehensive consultation on the first session.